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Transforming Used and Vintage Furniture With Furniture Redesign Services in Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda and Brea

If there’s one thing that can be said about the Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda and Brea region, it’s that this is a place where expressing your taste matters. And while many want only to pick up the latest fast furniture and poor-quality pieces from the trendy retailer of the day, just as many recognize the value in custom furniture pieces created through furniture redesign.

Few things are as fun as scouring a local flea market looking for exceptional vintage furniture pieces at incredible prices. But finding vintage furniture at estate sales is one thing; getting a dresser from 50 years ago to match your home design today is another challenge entirely.

That’s where Marcelino's Upholstery Design comes in. We’re the premier boutique furniture refinishing company offering furniture redesign and upholstery repair to Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda and Brea home and business owners.

With years spent refinishing, repairing, and redesigning vintage furniture that needs a little love to fit into a contemporary design, Marcelino's Upholstery Design is the name to trust for furniture redesign services. We can polish, sand, saw, and paint any old wooden furniture you find to make it look brand new.

Did you inherit a treasured heirloom that just doesn’t work with current designs? You’ll be amazed at how, with some new upholstery or bright new fabric, an old easy chair becomes sleek and contemporary. It’s all due to Marcelino's Upholstery Design’s skill in furniture redesign!

Upholstery Replacement

As the most established upholstery repair artisan in the greater Anaheim Hills, Yorba Linda and Brea area, we’re the top choice for home and business owners looking to transform well-built chairs, sofas, chaise lounges, ottomans or foot rests into stunning pieces that draw eyes and compliments.

The fact is, many furniture pieces built decades ago were built to last. Unlike today’s ‘fast fashion’ and fast furniture, a simple dresser bought a century ago can still be in great condition. But its design no longer fits with current taste.

This is especially true of upholstered furniture, where often the upholstery is worn or cut to a shape that isn’t pleasing to modern eyes. But call up an expert upholstery crafter, and you’ll be amazed at how a drab dull gray sofa can be transformed with new upholstery—maybe even with a bright pattern to help it stand out.

Call Marcelino's Upholstery Design and we’ll repurpose your upholstered furniture and breathe new life into your home design.

Vintage Furniture Refinishing

Often, what makes furniture seem ‘dated’ is an unfortunate stain job, or erosion over time. Sanding and refinishing your old furniture with Marcelino's Upholstery Design is an affordable way to save on beautiful-looking furniture. Because these refinished furniture pieces are sturdier than today’s furniture, you’ll have pieces that look amazing for years—and can even be passed onto the next generation when the time comes.

For heirloom or truly vintage pieces, a delicate hand is required. Only someone with experience refinishing vintage furniture should be trusted. That’s why you should call Marcelino's Upholstery Design.

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